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Bantry Marine Research Station Limited (BMRS)

Bantry Marine Research Station Ltd (BMRS) is an SME established in 2005. The main activities at the station can be organised into research and production activities. The main production activities are in the hatchery production of finfish (lumpfish) and shellfish (sea-urchins) and on-growing of sea urchins and cultivation of macroalgae sat sea with 2 marine licensed sites – 6 ha (17 longlines) and 16 ha (78 longlines) and 60 land based tanks from 600L to 8,000L). This infrastructure is critical for successful project implementation. The main research efforts and subsequent projects are in; micro- and macroalgal cultivation and Integrated Multi Trophic Aquaculture (MABFUEL, NETALGAE, BIFF, ACCIPHOT, IDREEM, ECOFISH, SEAFOOD-AGE, Agrefine, Farm4More, EATFISH), and the extraction and quantification of bioactive compounds and bioplastics from seaweed (SEABIOPLAS), research to improve products and services such as zero waste and traceability (ORION, LABELFISH, SEATRACES, BIOTECMAR), forecasting and monitoring (ASIMUTH, OSS2015, SAFI, AtlantOS, C-TEP, PRIMROSE, Co-Clime, Nanoculture), and we also conduct fish disease and diet challenge trials (ODIN, AquaTech4Feed).

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