Training a New generation of Researchers in Offshore Seaweed Aquaculture to Produce High-value Chemicals - SeaChem

SeaChem Consortium

Unique interdisciplinary consortium: 6 Beneficiaries and 12 Associated Partners

Intersectoral members

- experts in the fields of construction engineering, materials science, environmental biotechnology, (micro-)biology, (bio-)chemical engineering, and machine learning
- industrial and academic know-how

International Network

SeaChem offers international mobility via the secondments, the presence of international external experts, the participation to international conferences, the integration of an international industry advisory board into the management structure.


SeaChem has an unprecedented combination and integration of three interdisciplinary topics in the research training program:

  • research on the development and assessment of stainless steel aquaculture structures and their integration in pre-existing offshore infrastructure

  • research on seaweed cultivation technologies to considerably enhance their composition to incease the efficacy of (bio-)chemical extraction methods to high-end renewable chemicals

  • research on intensified (bio-)chemical extraction technologies and the assessment of their impact (LCA, sustainability, social net value)

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