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Fundacion Centro Tecnologico Acuicultura De Andalucia (CTAQUA)

The Andalusian Aquaculture Technology Center (CTAQUA) is an independent, not-for-profit foundation working to respond to the needs of the aquaculture and seafood sectors. We firmly believe that innovation is a driving force for competition and economic growth of companies, and that is why our work is focused on results-based research. CTAQUA focuses on fostering competitive innovation between companies, addressing the business needs of the aquaculture sector, as well as the development of research applied to the different production processes. Our work is focused on four main work areas: animal nutrition (mainly fish but also other aquatic animals), animal health and welfare, sustainable aquaculture (alternative aquaculture models, integrated aquaculture, seaweed cultivation, etc.) and transformation of seafood products. Although we mainly work in marine aquaculture, we have recently adapted our facilities to also be able to work with freshwater aquaculture species.

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