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Pure Algae Denmark ApS

PurAl Denmark was founded in 2018 by Esben Rimi Christiansen. The idea behind founding of the company stemmed from a mission to help the oceans’ natural resources. In 2018, Esben published his thesis on seaweed, where he showed the potential of sea lettuce in public health and sustainability. It became the first sod for PurAl. Today, our company is providing a sustainable solution for land-based seaweed cultivation for customers around the globe. The demand for seaweed worldwide is on the rise and PurAl’s vision is to become Denmark’s first supplier of a technology, that enables a stable and sustainable production of seaweed on land. With our closed, controlled systems, we grow high quality and allergen free seaweed, benefiting our environment and health. With an innovative technology and mindset, we contribute to a circular bioeconomy, where we give more back to the planet than we use of its resources.

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