Training a New generation of Researchers in Offshore Seaweed Aquaculture to Produce High-value Chemicals - SeaChem

To go beyond the state-of-the-art and provide an effective seaweed value chain, WP3 will focus on the development of novel extraction techniques to enhance the economic profitability by targeting high value products rather than focusing on biofuels, energy carriers, food and feed applications that have a lower added value. Advanced chemical extraction technologies are envisaged by intensifying extraction processes applying ultrasound and microwave radiation for the recovery of high value components (DC7). These are environmental-friendly physico-chemical techniques that extensively limit water, chemical and energy consumption. A likewise enzymatic fractionation specifically targeting red and green seaweed species is also foreseen in this WP (DC8). A scale-up approach of the most interesting green extraction and fractionation technologies is envisaged. Here a pilot-scale reactor will be applied to extract these industrially-relevant compounds from brown, green and red seaweeds. Besides completing the seaweed value chain in terms of novel cultivation and extraction strategies, it is important to assess their impact on the environment and the project economic feasibility. Seaweed does not need fresh water, arable land or fertilizer to grow, providing environmental benefits. Since novel high-value products will be produced from various seaweed species, a lifecycle technical-economic evaluation of the newly developed seaweed-based process routes will be made (DC10).

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