Training a New generation of Researchers in Offshore Seaweed Aquaculture to Produce High-value Chemicals - SeaChem

Caya de Leeuw van Weenen

DC4, Institut de la Corrosion

Caya is a PhD candidate with a heart for the seas and believes in a sustainable future with healthy oceans. She obtained a master in Biophysics, biochemistry and biotechnology at KU Leuven. For a doctoral candidate she has a bit of an atypical past, as she has been working in the health sector and industry for a few years before deciding to follow her heart by taking on a challenge that is in line with personal ethics.

In the SeaChem Doctoral Network project she works on monitoring techniques to gain understanding of environmental impact of large-scale integrated seaweed cultivation on the marine ecosystem. She is interested in development of innovative methodologies to minimize environmental impact.

Details about DC4 PhD position

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