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Mihret Tegegn

DC3, Antwerp Maritime Academy

Mihret Tegegn graduated with a bachelor’s degree in material science and engineering from Jimma University, Ethiopia. She received a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree, which she completed immediately after her undergraduate studies. Upon finishing her master’s program, she relocated to Belgium to pursue her PhD.

She strongly believes that the future is in material science and engineering. Materials science and engineering drive innovation in both research and industry in everything from aerospace to medicine. The world is facing material design-related and selection problems when utilizing it in different applications. She sees material science and engineering as an exciting field of study to revolutionize the world and solve these problems by understanding science and engineering to meet material needs in their day-to-day lives.

She has always sought to know why and how the properties of a material are impaired by various factors. She is passionate about corrosion studies since corrosion is a natural chemical process that results in the deterioration of the physical and mechanical properties of any material in contact with the environment, leading to adverse effects on the economy. She believes it is the area that needs the most attention.

She enjoys reading books. She is open to new things, and she likes traveling to new places.

In the SeaChem Doctoral Network project, she works at Antwerp Maritime Academy on mapping corrosion around marine structures using corrosion sensors, and she will also use a machine learning algorithm to assess corrosion risk before the damage has been inflicted.

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