Training a New generation of Researchers in Offshore Seaweed Aquaculture to Produce High-value Chemicals - SeaChem

DC10 position is taken by Maxime Ekoule.

Project Title: Sustainability assessment brown seaweed cultivation and biorefinery systems designed according to the green chemistry principles (WP3)

Host Institution: University of Copenhagen

Country: Denmark

Supervisor: Prof. Marianne Thomsen (PhD Promoter, University of Copenhagen)

Objectives: to demonstrate the sustainability and viability of the SeaChem concept.

DC10 will assess technical, economic, environmental, social/business aspects, and will consider the entire value chain using a life cycle comparison approach. DC10 will define and model the conceptual process design at industrial scale. DC10 will quantify and improve the economic viability of each step of the value chain. DC10 will quantify the environmental cost and benefits of the SeaChem concept. DC10 will use environmental impact categories to quantify the contribution to selected UN SDGs and Planetary Boundaries (PB) at system level. DC10 will use the following key performance ICs quantifying fundamental earth processes: Marine and Freshwater Eutrophication and water consumption (SDG 6 and 14), land use (SDG 15) Global warming (SDG 13). DC10 will consider the full life cycle and will be carried out in accordance with the International Standards for LCA, ISO 14040/14044.

Expected Results: A novel concept of how to include ecosystem services in life cycle sustainability assessment (LSCA) of seaweed cultivation and biorefinery systems – aligning impact categories with the SDGs and PBs.

Enrolment in Doctoral degree(s): University of Copenhagen, PhD school of science

Planned secondments:

Host: KU Leuven, Supervisor: Lise Appels, Timing: M18-21, Length: 3 months, Purpose: Learning advanced techniques in enzymatic extraction technologies.

Host: Aperam, Supervisor: Audrey Allion. Timing: M30-33, Length: 3 months, Purpose: training on the characterization of stainless-steel grades (duplex, ferritic and austenitic stainless steels).

Candidate requirements:

  • You hold a master’s degree in an engineering discipline or a related field and you thrive in a multidisciplinary research environment.
  • You have a solid knowledge of sustainability assessment, including LCA.
  • You are ambitious, well organized and have excellent communication skills.
  • You speak and write fluent English and have the ability to work effectively and collaboratively.
  • You are an enthusiastic and motivated person, ready to participate in personal training, international travel and public awareness activities.
  • You have demonstrated your commitment to high quality research.

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