Training a New generation of Researchers in Offshore Seaweed Aquaculture to Produce High-value Chemicals - SeaChem

Maxime Ekoule

DC10, University of Copenhagen

Maxime is a PhD student who has always been curious and motivated by the understanding of the numerous chemical phenomena and processes shaping our world. 

After graduating his Master’s Degree in Green Chemistry in France at the University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, during his PhD at the University of Copenhagen as a member of the SEACHEM team, Maxime will study and assess the viability of the SEACHEM project. To do so, the objective is to estimate the economical, environmental and societal impact of all the different steps of the value chain. 

Maxime aims to be involved in the field of sustainable development and expand his knowledge and skills in the field of green chemistry to develop biomimetic and biorefinery applications. 

Details about DC10 PhD position

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