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Hussein Ahmad Qulatein


Introducing Hussein Ahmad Qulatein, an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree (BIOREF) scholar specializing in the Biorefining field. His academic journey has been nothing short of impressive, having earned dual bachelor’s degrees in chemical engineering and business administration from Anadolu University, followed by a master’s degree in chemical engineering at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Driven by a relentless passion for sustainability, bio-economy, and the development of renewable materials, Hussein actively seeks opportunities to contribute his expertise to both academic and industrial endeavors. He envisions a future where innovative solutions pave the way for a more sustainable world, and his academic background and research experience uniquely position him to be a catalyst for positive change.

Beyond the laboratory and lecture hall, Hussein is a globe trotter with a heart that craves adventure. He finds solace in exploring new horizons, embarking on journeys that offer fresh perspectives and unforgettable experiences. His love for travel not only enriches his life but also fuels his desire to discover novel solutions to complex challenges in the realms of sustainability, bio-economy, and renewable material development.

As Hussein sets his sights on the SEACHEM project, his diverse academic background, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and adventurous spirit make him an exceptional candidate. Here, he aspires to refine procedures for extracting bioactive compounds from seaweed, all while minimizing biological waste. He is also driven by the prospect of reducing the environmental impact by substituting harmful solvents with green alternatives and leveraging innovative technologies like supercritical fluids, microwaves, and ultrasound. He is poised to be a driving force at BMRS, bringing his expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment to sustainability to the forefront of offshore aquaculture innovation.

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